Develop and enable your social selling heroes

Our social selling coaches help empower sellers to move beyond simply sharing content to executing integrated social selling engagements that spark new conversations, create demand and fill pipeline.

Not another training. A program that enables, engages and transforms your sellers into Social Selling Heroes.


Developed By Sellers
for Sellers

We understands B2B software buyers better than any other agency. We get closer to what drives your prospects to engage and convert in the buyer’s journey.


Drive Real Behavioral Change

A structured program that moves beyond classroom training to produce true behavioral change. Enable your heroes to deliver powerful social selling experiences and top line results.


Tools that build game-changing sales habits

We build our own AI-powered applied propensity models and use advanced analytics to guide your teams execute truly effective campaigns.


Stop sharing content. Start building relationships, telling stories and helping prospects buy.

If your social sellers' focus is exclusively on becoming a thought leader and pushing content to engage clients with insightful content - measured by LinkedIn's SSI, then they probably aren't helping prospects buy. Customers and prospects want problem solvers and not thought leaders.

Our Social Selling Hero enablement program helps your sellers rise above the competition by moving away from pushing content, liking, and sharing towards doing the hard work of engaging net new contacts, building relationships, and helping prospects to buy.

Apply the power of social to your most critical marketing metrics


Social Selling Hero Recruitment & Selection

The first step to a successful Social Selling program is laying a solid foundation and identify the right candidates. One of the problems is that managers are putting forward staff for Social Selling programs without having a robust identification process in place, often recommending high-performance candidates as opposed to truly high potential social sellers.

Our Social Selling Hero program provides sales and marketing leaders with access to the tools and information that can transform the identification stage of Social Selling programs. This will ensure the program is worthy of its investment, creates value, and produces results.


Social Engagement Hero Enablement

A combination of enablement and ongoing coaching, our Hero Enablement program picks up where other programs leave off and is the best way to drive adoption and reinforcement of the initial investments in enabling salespeople. Once your sellers are familiar with publishing content, engaging contacts, and using Sales Navigator, its time to leverage those skills for targeted social engagement.

Our program walks the heroes through persona identification, provides them with connection targets to meet, helps them create targeted nurture streams with content from your social advocacy program, and teaches them to identify personality types. The program then provides them with the scripts to close the loop with targeted prospecting and demand generation.


Social Sales Manager Coaching

One of the most significant challenges to the success of traditional social selling programs has been a complete lack of sales manager coaching programs. Sales managers nominate their teams to be trained as social sellers but lack expertise, methods, skills, and tools for having such conversations.

We designed our Sales Manager coaching program to fill that gap and support our Social Engagement Hero Enablement program and build the coaching skills front-line sales managers need to lead and support a social selling transformation. The program centers on a facilitated workshop for learning and practicing coaching fundamentals. The program includes manager-specific communications and pre-work and post-session interactions and application modules.


Stakeholder Management For Social Engagement Marketers

Stakeholder management probably isn’t the first competency that comes to mind when thinking about a senior digital marketer’s skill set. Yet, when it comes to Social Engagement marketing and short circuiting the traditional marketing to revenue cycle, there’s not much we can get done without it.

In this workshop we work with modern marketers to help map out the most strategically essential stakeholders, find out their stance, and put together a plan to keep them engaged and supportive to ensure the success of Social Engagement initiatives.


Let’s talk about how we can help your B2B sellers and marketers unlock the power of your social network